Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms

If you are constantly scratching your eyes because they are burning, you are probably suffering from a form visually impairment commonly known as Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms. Dry eyes are caused by an acute shortage of water, which keeps your eyes functioning smoothly.  Another sure sign of dry eye symptoms is when you persistently feel that you have something lodged in your eyes. Dry eyes result in slight but a regular annoying sensation in the frontal tissue of the eyes. Sometimes dry eye symptoms cause the eyes to produce a large quantity of tears.

Measuring your tears

Usually doctors need to determine the quantity of tears in your eyes. They do this by placing a narrow sliver beneath the lower eyelid to ascertain the amount of tears that are being naturally produced. This test is called a Schirmer test and is just one way to determine the best way to induce moisture. Visually impaired Dry eyes are known in medical terminology as Keratitis Sicca, which basically means a reduced proportion of tears both quality and quantity wise.

Dryness in the eyes

Visually impaired ‘dry eyes’ could imply that the cornea is damaged. Cornea is the clear part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil, and conjunctiva, the thin membrane the covers the “whites” of the eyes. People get dry eye symptoms if they don’t close the eyelids fully, if they have a disease of the eyelid or if there is a problem with the glands that produce tears. If a person lives in a dry climate or is in a situation where the person is exposed to fast blowing winds, he/she usually suffers from dry eyes.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

There are several other factors that cause dry eyes symptoms. It frequently happens with the advent of old age, usually during menopause. This is a reaction to several types of medicines that are taken for treating allergies, (antihistamines), and drugs to control depression (antidepressants,) and some blood pressure medicines. Exposure to waterless heating systems or air conditioning in your home or office can also cause dry eye syndrome.

Another general reason for the visual impairment called dry eyes is not blinking enough, such as when you are constantly watching TV or looking at a computer screen for a long time. Dry eyes may also be indications of some specific disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, ocular rosacea or Sjogren’s syndrome which means dry eyes, dry mouth and lupus. The use of contact lenses for a protracted period of time may also be one of the causes of dry eyes symptoms, because of the constant accumulation of dust.

Dry Eyes symptoms in women

Women are more at risk of facing dry eyes than men because of continuous change in hormones. Age and smoking are also key factors for dry eyes syndrome. Another reason that women are more susceptible to dry eyes syndrome is that they undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery to improve their appearance.  Dry eyes are caused because after the procedure, the eyelids remain partially open which can be termed as a side effect of this cosmetic procedure.

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