Like the rest of our body, eyes get fatigued too. Eyes get tired or fatigued when they are worked too extensively. This may occur either because of driving, reading or writing for long durations. Too much exposure to bright lights like the sun can also cause a headache or cause the eyes to grow tired.

In this world of technology another reason for tired eyes is the extensive use of computers, smartphones, video games or even watching too much TV. Research shows that people tend to blink 18 times per minute normally, but when they are looking at computer screens or other hand held devices, this reduces by half. This means that your eyes are more likely to get itchy, dry and tired. It can cause redness too.

Symptoms of Tired Eyes

Some signs that point to tired eyes include:

  • Pain in the general region of eyes
  • Headache
  • Redness or sore eyes
  • Pain in back, neck or shoulder could also take place
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry and watery eyes
  • Heavy eyes

How to Prevent Getting Tired Eyes

If some precautionary measures are taken, you can reduce the chances of getting tired eyes. You can do this by following the few tips given below:

  • If you are among the majority who spends more than half their waking hours sitting in front of a computer screen, make sure that you place it 20-26 inches away from your eyes. Also clean the screen regularly so that your eyes don’t have to exert themselves in an effort to see what’s there on the screen.
  • Lighting also makes a huge difference to eye fatigue. If it’s too low, than that means your eyes have to work extra hard to decipher what’s in front of them. Make sure that there is an even amount of lighting in the entire room, especially if you are reading or writing.
  • If you have weak eye-sight, wear your glasses or contacts regularly, especially if it’s any activity that requires extra effort by your eyes. Get your eyes checked regularly to ensure that you are wearing the right prescription glasses/contacts.
  • It is important to remember that you have to keep blinking, so add a post-it to your PC that reminds you to do that. This way your eyes won’t go dry and cause irritation.

Cure for Tired Eyes

If you try these simple steps you can make your eyes feel less tired:

  • Take regular breaks, preferably after every 30 minutes. This would reduce the stress on your eyes and give them the relief they require.
  • Wash your face with cold water. This would also help elevate tiredness.
  • One small exercise is to close your eyelids, place your forefinger on the lids and massage slowly. Don’t put pressure, just rub gently. This would relax the eye. Try this after every 30 minutes or so.
  • After you’re home from a long day of work, wrap ice in a clean towel and gently place this on your eyes. Don’t apply this for more then 5-10 seconds at one time. It would greatly help with tired eyes.
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