Practical Eye Relaxation Techniques

The following eye relaxation techniques will help to provide some relief to your eyes. However, do not practice these techniques when your eyes are tired or if you are suffering from any eye ailment. The first one is quite easy and can be done even if you are in a meeting. Close only half your eyes. This will make your upper lids to quiver. Try to stop this trembling. The best way to do this is if you focus on distant objects. Do not fall asleep because you might snore and that would be embarrassing in front of other people.

Change Focus

The next step for the practice of eye relaxation techniques envisages placing your elbows and cupping your eyes with your hands. Hang loose and rest your head in your hands. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through nose. Hold your breath for around 3 seconds and then expel. Keep practicing this exercise for around 30 to 40 seconds and do it as many times as you can during the day. This will relax your eyes and give you fresh energy for your work.

Palm Exercise

Place yourself in a comfortable chair. Massage your hands with each other until they feel lukewarm. Place your palms over your closed eyes in a way that does not apply pressure to your eyeballs. Do not cover your nose with your palms and be sure that no light is visible through your fingers or from the sides of your palms. Imagine complete darkness and make it your focal point. Breathe slowly and deeply and think of something pleasant. After your perceive darkness, remove your hands.


Apply hot and cold compresses alternatively to your eyes. Soak one hand towel in hot water and one in cold water. Rub one on your eyebrows, closed eyelids and cheeks. Keep changing both compresses but end with the cold one. A full face massage also helps a lot. Rub a towel soaked in hot water on your neck, forehead and cheeks but do not rub the towel over your eyes. Massage you eyelids in a circular movement. Use a light touch and wash your hands to prevent damage to your eyes.

Distant Focusing

Concentrate on an object that is around 150 feet away. After that, move your eyes slowly to any object that is near you without moving your head. Do this exercise for 10-15 seconds and repeat a few times.  Next hold a pen or pencil at arm’s length. Bring the arm slowly and touch your nose with the pencil. Repeat this at least ten times for total relaxation of the eyes. Close one eye and move your head in a figure 8 move. Then do the same with the other eye. This is an effective eye relaxation technique.

Round Swings

Place yourself before a fence, window or anything that has bars that are uniformly spaced apart. Let your body hand loose and concentrate on some distant object while transferring your weight from one foot to the other in a consistent pattern. Breathe slowly and keep blinking while performing this exercise. Keep up this exercise as a total eye relaxation technique.

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