Have you ever noticed that every once in a while your eyes would look more “prominent” than the other parts of your face, with the surrounding eyelids and skin appearing slightly redder than the other parts of your face? You might just be suffering from puffy eyes. Puffy eyes, also known as Per orbital Puffiness or swelling of the eyes, is a condition whereby the tissues around your eyes swell, due to various reasons, causing your eyes to possess the “puffy” look. So what are some of the reasons that can cause this “puffy eyes”?

One of the possible causes of Puffy eyes could be due to allergic reactions. If you just happen to be in dusty or sandy areas for long periods of times, or are exposed to specific types of pollen, it might trigger an allergic reaction that is unique to every person. With this the tissues would swell due to the allergic reaction, thus resulting in the puffy look in your eyes.

The use of drugs like tobacco and alcohol is also known to be a cause of puffy eyes. Such “drugs” contains a lot of toxins which can, in the long term; result in the swelling of your tissues around your eye to swell with a similar reaction as the allergic reactions. This could be a cause of puffy eyes too.

Retention of fluid in the said tissues around your eye could also be a major cause of puffy eyes, and that these can be caused by various reasons, among which could be the consumption of excessive sodium in your foods, and the general excess presence of salt in and around the eyes. Since salt encourages fluid retention, simple acts such as crying could cause puffy eyes. In these cases, puffy eyes would not be that serious, and there would be no particular need to seek medical attention.

However, Puffy eyes, in a lot of circumstances, could be an indication of various underlying diseases. Such diseases include skin disorders such as Dermatitis, Thyroid, Kidney problems, or even Chagal disease. These types of puffy eyes would normally last for long periods of times. As such, if you do notice puffy eyes for extended periods of time, do seek immediate medical attention to check for any underlying diseases.

While puffy eyes could be caused by external factors as stated above, the swelling of the eyes for long periods could be down to as simple as something like Genetics. Puffy eyes can also be inherited through genetics. One can develop puffy eyes at an early age or develop them at a later stage in life as an inherited facial feature that runs in the family.

Noticing that your eyes are “swelling”? You could be sleeping too much for your own good. Oversleeping is known to cause puffy eyes whereby eyelids may trap bacteria when one is asleep. Since there is no blinking when you are asleep, the bacteria can lead to infection and fluid retention around the eye area which in turn leads to a swelling in the tissues around the eye area. This thus leads to puffy eyes.

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