With our eyes being one of the most important parts of the body, it is no surprise that they require the most care. However, in the busy era of today, nobody finds time to look after this treasure, and thus, the ratio for vision problems continues to grow. However, people are generally unaware that our vision can be improved naturally over time if minimal care is given.

Healthy Diet is a Must

This phrase is almost universally emphasized by everybody; in order to gain a healthy mind and body, the diet should be healthy as well. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, E and C are highly important for eye care and hence should be accumulated in everyday diet for proper eye care. Food containing anti-oxidants like carrots and tomatoes are also a great option for healthy eye nutrition.

There are over 17 different kinds of vitamins needed by eyes to function properly, and if you believe you are not getting them all, then it is wise to take vitamin supplements regularly so that your eye vision is supported properly.

Proper Rest and Sleep

By taking short breaks from work during the day and getting proper sleep time, one can support eye health. While of course sleeping on a job is not recommended, you should take minimal breaks during the day to rest your eyes. If for example, if you have to spend your entire day in front of a computer screen, then try to take a break of five minutes every now and then. You can either just close the eyes or look at something else other than the screen to provide optimum break to your strained eyes.

Also, a full night sleep is highly important. All healthcare professionals advise a sound sleep of minimum seven hours in order to help your eye vision improve. Hence, try to accumulate breaks and sleep within your routine and observe the better difference yourself.

Healthy Eye Exercises

Performing eye exercises daily can help you improve your eyesight naturally and fast. All eye exercises can help strengthen your eyes, and if followed properly, they can also help you avoid glasses or contact lenses altogether. The best way to incorporate eye exercises into your daily lives is by formulating a schedule and then following it. Few tips of eye exercises are given below:

  • Prior to any exercise, it is recommended to provide a little heat to your eyes, by rubbing the palm of your hands together and then covering your eyes with them for five or similar seconds.
  • Eye Roll is one of the easiest of the eye exercises where you need to look up, then look down, then left, then right. Follow the same first in clockwise motion and then repeat with anticlockwise direction.
  • Also, you can grab a pencil or a pen, and then keep it to eye level. Try to increase or decrease the distance of the pen by bringing it near the eyes then far, keeping your eyes focused on the pen and repeat
  • Post exercise, massage your eyes lightly, along with forehead, temple and under the brow in order to relax and increase blood flow needed to support healthy eye vision.

To conclude, an eye surgery is not the only option for vision problems. A few lifestyle change decisions can help you in not only improving your eye vision but also from further damage.


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