What Causes Sore Or Painful Eyes?

Eye pain is basically caused by anything that lodges in the eye (s) such as dirt or dust or even from a dot of misapplied mascara. Whatever the reason, when you rub your eye or eyes continuously, it turns a lurid red. Anything lodged in the eyes can cause acute irritation with a burning sensation.  The pain and burning are usually caused by sensitivity to any substances, unclean contact lenses, or even by too much time spent in from of your computer screen. The hurting and burning is basically caused by the inability of your eyes to produce enough tears when affected by something.

Apart from or in addition to all the above there is the possibility that you have developed conjunctivitis which is a bacterial infection of the membrane, the  thin covering that lines the eyelid and also protects the eyeballs. Or you may have developed a sty which is an infection of one of the oil glands in the eyelids or the burning sensation which is caused by allergy. Whatever the reason, the result is that your eyes are turned into scarlet, sore swollen puffs. Here are some tips that will provide instant relief.

Relief For Your Eyes

To relieve eye pain buy some false tears and wash your eyes with them. They induce real tears that will relieve your eyes. The initial signs of a “sty” are an aversion to light, and the persistent feeling of something lodged in the eye. For immediate respite, soak a washcloth in warm water and hold it over the eye for around 15 minutes after every 2 hours. This creates tears of liquid in the eye and basically dislodges any foreign matter in the eyes. However, until you have permanent relief, do not wear makeup or rub the eyes.

Another tried and tested remedy for sore eyes, or to flush out any dust or dirt, is to wash your eye with a saline solution that does not contain any preservatives. Try and avoid the use of tap water, distilled water or any eye drops until and unless you have used a caustic substance. If the cause of your eye pain is some foreign matter in the whites of your eyes, try to remove it gently with a damp cotton swab. Another popular remedy is to apply ice cubes to the sore eye for 5 minutes after every two hours. By flipping your eyelids it is possible to remove the irritant that is causing the pain.

Ice The Pain

If your are hit in the eye by a tennis ball, or someone hits you, the best thing to relieve your eye pain would be to instantly apply dry ice to the eyes for around 15 minutes. The temperature of the ice will instantly reduce the swelling including the pain. Wearing glasses to protect the eyes from harsh light is also quite useful for providing relief to the injured or damaged eye (s). However, before using eye drops or applying any ointments to the eyes it is recommended that you consult your doctor or ophthalmologist.

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