The human eye is one of the most sensitive and important organs in the human body. The eye plays a very vital role when it comes to human vision. Humans require both eyes to be able to see properly; if either eye has complications, it may affect the entire vision. Here are some interesting facts about the eye.

Adjusting to the Environment

The human eye has one of the most amazing mechanisms; not many are aware that the eye can adapt to its surroundings. Living in a specific type of environment can affect a lot of things in a human body. The eye tends to adapt to its surrounding. Assuming a human is used to a relatively dark environment; their eyes will be able to see things in the dark more clearly than a human who is adapted to an environment surrounded by light. If we were to switch both of their places, their eyes would eventually adapt to the new environment.


Eyes are very sensitive organs; they can be extremely fragile at times. Even the slightest molecule of dust can make the eye react. Factors such as dust, pollution, soil fragments in the air, too much usage of electronics, and many more, can harm the vision. At times, this can cause the eye to get infected.


The human eye requires special care; this care can also be in the form of nutrients. Carrots, for example, are very good for the human eye. Carrots contain nutrients which help keep the vision of the human eye clean. Eyes also require personal care. Wearing spectacles if needed is also a way of caring for the eye.

Developing Infections

It is very easy for the human eye to develop infection from the smallest of molecules. One mistake which almost everyone repeats is tampering with an irritated eye. This is a big no no. Tampering with an infected eye can cause partial blindness. Not only that, if one of the eyes has an infection and you touch the other eye with the same hand, the other eye may get infected. Serious diseases can cause blindness, but carrying the infection to the other eye can have disastrous consequences. One can do with a single eye, but losing both is terrible.

Fun Facts about the Eye

There are some really fun facts about the human eye:
• The shadows seen by our eye in shape of lines, shapes, and squiggles are called floaters.
• Brown eyed people actually have blue eyes underneath; a pigment in the eye causes them to appear brown.
• If a human has one red eye caught in a photograph, there are chances they may develop cancer cells in the eye.
• The human eye can send and receive signals to another human
• You cannot cry in space
• When you rub your eye, the flashes seen after are called Phosphene
• Eye pupils can expand up to 45% when you see the one whom you love



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