Although eyes are considered as one of the most fragile and vulnerable part of your body, they can still handle a lot of the abuse you put on them without realizing. However, this abuse gradually leads to different problems you have to endure later on. One such problem includes the dryness and itchiness, known as Dry Eye Syndrome.

Causes of Dryness and Itchiness

Following are some of the main causes that lead your eyes to get dry and itch:
• Dust that can be found inside and outside of the house,
• Unprotected sun exposure,
• Exposure to elements in the environment,
• Medication,
• Allergies,
• Long hours in front of television and computer screens.

Eye Treatments

Once you get Dry Eye Syndrome, it may take a while to recover from it. It is essential to take proper care of your eyes under such condition. Here are a few eye treatments that can cure the itchiness and dryness from the eyes:
• Take a paper towel and place ice cubes in it. Wrap the ice cubes inside the towel and gently apply it on your eyes. Try to focus more on the area surrounding the eye and make sure you do it gently. This will not only decrease dryness but will also help in reducing the swelling.
• Use natural eye drops to provide some relief to your eyes. Make sure it is safe to use. If the drops have cortisone, avoid using them for more than 4 to 5 days. Remember, most eye drops usually expire a month after you break the seal. However, you can keep them refrigerated to prolong its life.
• If the itchiness is growing, take a few cotton pads and gently press them on your eyes. Avoid rubbing them as it may cause more itchiness and can cause the fibers of the cotton to form a ridge which can lead you to scratch the area. Scratching is never a good idea if your eyes are itchy; doing so can worsen the condition.
• Another way to use cotton pads is to wet them and put them on your eyes. Keep them on for a few minutes as this will provide ease to your dry eyes.
• Avoid using paper towels (aside from the ice wrap), serviettes and tissues to rub your eyes with. Yes, the tissues are soft but they are not good for the dryness around your eyes as they may result in causing friction burns.
• Ensure you trim your fingernails as you may accidently start to scratch your eyes and long nails are definitely not good for this condition.
• To provide some relief to your eyes, you can apply some cream on the eyelids and on the area around your eyes. However, it is best to consult with an eye specialist first to make sure the cream is safe.
These eye treatments for dryness and itchiness can help you in curing this condition. If, however, the problem persists, it is best to consult an eye specialist.

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