A number of different optical diseases and medical conditions are suffered by a multitude of individuals, because of poor eye hygiene, and unsuitable care. Eyes require extensive care and proper attention in order to ensure that they function properly and do not pose any problems in ensuring the clear vision of an individual.

Amongst the different optical medical conditions which pose problems in clear vision, and also cause great pain and inconvenience to the suffering individual, stye eyes are one of the most rapidly occurring conditions.

What Is A Stye Eye

A stye is an abscess or a pimple which is formed on the upper or lower eyelid of an individual. It presents an exterior which resembles a red bump or inflammation, and may be present on the top or on the underside of the eyelid.

These pimples appear as a form of infection by the action of the bacteria on the blocked oil duct near the eye, which results in the formation of a red and inflamed bump which presents considerable amount of discomfort to the individual. Styes are very painful, and the individual experiences irritation and an itching feeling, which is very irritating and cumbersome, and offers hindrance in the vision of a person. Styes usually develop and fade away in around four days to around a week, but in extreme cases, an individual might have to seek the expert guidance of a medical professional to ensure the proper removal of these pimples.

While most styes just fade away with time, some develop into cysts while others might lead to other more severe infections.

Causes Of Styes

Styes are usually caused due to a lack of proper eye hygiene and unsuitable care of the eyes.  The clogging of the oil ducts near the eye lids present a surface for the bacteria to act on, which results in pimples on and below the eyelid.

Improper nutrition and diet, and sleep deprivation, are also likely causes of styes, among all age groups.  Rubbing of the eyes and lack of the required amount of water intake, result in the development and spread of infections like styes. Stress is also considered to be a contributing factor for the occurrence of styes around the eyes.  These apparent causes can be checked by the observance of proper eye hygiene and a suitable diet.

How To Prevent Stye Eyes

Everyone wants to enjoy a life free from pain and irritation caused by styes in the eyes, but there are a few essential factors to be kept in mind in order to prevent the development of such infections on the eyelids of a person.

The most important thing to practice is to ensure the proper observation of optical hygiene, which is sure to have an impact in reducing the chances of stye development on the eyelid of an individual. It is advisable not to share cosmetic products and makeup application tools for eyes, as it poses a great risk of contamination which results in styes in eyes.

It is important to ensure that the eyes are cleansed thoroughly and protected from possible contamination, through proper care.

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