The Eye:

The eye is the most sensitive organ in the entire body. Like any other organ, the eyes are susceptible to various diseases and malfunctions, and proper care must be taken at all costs to keep the eyes in good shape and functioning at their optimum. This article is about one affliction that affects the eye, i.e. ‘Dry eyes’.

Definition of Dry Eyes:

Tears are the lubricants that moisten the eyes and keep them in perfect working condition. When your eyes do not produce the required amount of moisture to adequately lubricate your eyes, then you suffer from dry eyes. This could happen because the quality of your tears is poor, or you are not producing tears in sufficient quantities to properly lubricate your eyes. There are many other reasons for dry eyes, but these are the most common and the most recurring reasons.

Dry eye Syndrome:

If your eyes persistently sting or burn, then you are probably suffering from dry eyes. The main causes of dry eyes can be certain situations such as working on your computer without letup, travelling in an airplane and being in an air-conditioned environment. Sometimes dry eye syndrome can instigate watery eyes because of excessive production of watery elements from your eyes which basically act as protection for your eyes. Also the Lacrimal and other glands produce tears that evaporate immediately, so a defect in any of these glands causes dry eyes. One other plausible reason for dry eyes is the feeling that something is lodged in the eye

What causes Dry Eyes?

Other causes for dry eyes could be the onset of age, specifically during menopause caused by the use of medicines such as such as birth control pills, antidepressants, antihistamines, Parkinson’s medications and certain blood pressure medicines. Another reason may be continuous exposure to windy, dry, or dusty type of weather. Tears wash out dust and debris and contain protein controlling biochemical reactions that deactivate bacteria in the eyes.

Treatment for Dry Eyes:

Sometimes just using the appropriate eye drops or bring about changes in your lifestyle may be enough to alleviate your condition. However if these do not help and the soreness and itching continue, then the best thing to do would be to consult your Optometrist or MD, who after a thorough examination and the required tests might recommend surgery or some alternate treatment. It is better to seek expert medical advice instead of relying on hearsay or home remedies.

Diseases that cause dry eyes:

General diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis may also cause dry eye syndrome. The continuous wearing of contact lenses is the most common reason for dry eyes. Incomplete closures of the eyelids because of cosmetic eyelid surgery or makeup are also some very common cause for dry eyes. Women are more at risk for suffering from dry eyes due to hormone fluctuations. Studies have also proved that people who smoke are at greater risk of dry eye syndrome than non-smokers.

Caffeine: A blessing for Dry Eyes?

Studies have indicated that consuming coffee could actually help to alleviate dry eyes. The caffeine in coffee actually accelerates and invigorates the tear glands, and produces good quality tears in sufficient quantity to soothe dry eyes.

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