Of all the problems one could ever experience, eye problems could be one of the more short term, but it is also one of the most annoying to deal with. Common eye problems sometimes just pops up in our lives and wreak havoc all around and inside the eye, causing discomfort and even pain sometimes.

Below are some of the most common eye problems and what they are normally associated with.

Eye twitching is very common across people of all ages, and some even believe that eye twitches actually signifies good or bad luck. While usually eye twitches are spontaneous and virtually do no harm, they are related to levels of stress, eye fatigue, pink eye, which is the reddening of the eye due to inflammation of the eye of bacteria or viruses, but even then these remains pretty harmless.

Do your eyes feel very tired and with just a little straining of the eyes, they would become very tired? Fatigue of the eyes can be caused by a lot of different factors, such as having very dry eyes. Some even have Dry eye syndrome due to the dry surrounding environment which causes eye fatigue as well.

“Floaters” are also sometimes seen by people, whereby small objects seem to float around the edges of your vision only to float away when you seem to look at them. These could also be a signal of much more serious health problems, such as stroke, Retinal displacement, which affects the vision with the various movement of the retina.

Are you currently experiencing any form of pain in your eye? It might be a clue that you are actually losing your peripheral vision, which is the edge of the vision. This usually helps you to detect oncoming objects and thus it could be risky when you have weakening peripheral vision when you operate machinery.

Contact lenses are very popular amongst people nowadays, and there have been people who have eye irritations from wearing contact lenses for long periods of times, causing reddening of the eyes and pain. If this happens your eyes might have become irritated from the lengthened period of contact lens use. If the pain and swelling do not fade off after taking off the lenses, then it might be related to an infection due to the usage of contact lens.

Lastly there is the blurring of your eyesight. This is usually caused by myopia or Hypermetropia also known as short-sightedness and long-sightedness. These could be corrected with lenses worn over the eyes to correct the refractive errors, or via costly operations which could help correct your vision permanently for a hefty fee.

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