Good vision is often judged by how clearly your eyes can see at a distance and when you read. These parameters play a significant role in determining your vision. There are certain eye conditions that affect your vision and your eyesight.

Human Eye

• For a perfect vision, your eyeball must have a smooth curvature of the lens and cornea. These are the two primary parts your eye employs to maintain focus.
• The cornea transmits light in your eye and is the clear outer part of the eyeball, while lens is the transparent structure and its role is to focus light on the retina.
• Retina is the nerve layer located at the back of your eye. Its function is to sense light create impulses which are transmitted to the brain via optic nerve.• An optic nerve is a pathway connective your brain and eyes. This nerve carries impulses to the brain from your retina, which are then interpreted as images by the brain.

Eye Conditions

Following are the basic conditions that affect the eyes, along with ways you can improve them:

Shortsightedness or Myopia

• In this condition, the shape of your eyeball changes and becomes elongated or egg shaped. Due to this change, the light does not enter your retina but instead focuses on the front of the retina which results in a blurry vision.
• In this condition, you can view the objects near you very clearly but can’t clearly see the objects farther away.
• This condition can be because of genetics, an illness, or overexertion of the eye.
• The solution of this problem is wearing contact lenses, spectacles or laser surgery.

Long-Sightedness or Hypermetropia

• In this condition, you are unable to clearly see the objects near you but can clearly view the objects that are placed far away from you.
• This condition can start at any age; most often, children get affected by it.
• Long-sightedness occurs because your cornea isn’t properly curved or your eyeball is short. Another reason can be the lack of thickness of the lens. This result in the light focusing on the back of your retina which makes the object placed far away seem blurry.
• This condition can also be improved by wearing spectacles or contact lenses, or having a surgery.


• This happens because your eye surface or lens is not smooth and even.
• In this condition, your vision is blurred in all directions.
• Astigmatism happens at birth or is a result of long sight and short sight.
• The only way to rectify this condition is through surgery.


• This condition is an age related problem. As you age, your eye gets thicker and starts losing its elasticity.
• Your eye lens keep getting weaker which makes it difficult to focus.
• Presbyopia can be detected through proper and regular checkups.
• This condition can be improved by wearing contact lens or spectacles.


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