It is amazing how one can change their entire look simply by opting for coloured lenses. Many individuals enjoy wearing coloured contact lenses and receive compliments on their look. However, many others avoid wearing them simply because they believe that wearing coloured lenses can be unhealthy for their eyes.
Generally, wearing coloured lenses cannot cause harm to your eyes. However, there are two reasons in which they can become a problem – buying cheap quality contacts, and not taking proper care of your lenses. Fortunately, these problems are avoidable. With proper care, you can wear coloured contact lenses as many times as you want without risking eye health.

Buying High Quality Coloured Lenses

Here are a few tips you must consider when buying coloured lenses:
• It is of utmost importance that you buy good quality lenses as our eyes are extremely sensitive and can get infected if proper care is not taken.
• It is best that you buy contact lenses with a doctor’s prescriptions.
• Contact lenses are sold in flea markets and salons in cheap prices but it is best to avoid buying your coloured contact lenses from such places.
• Always buy lenses from authentic places like from a reputed eye clinic.

Safety Tips for Coloured Lenses

Here are a few care tips you must follow in order to ensure your eyes are protected when you wear contact lenses:
• Even if you have perfect eyesight but want to change your eye colour for a special occasion, it is best to get a prescription from an eye doctor.
• You can easily buy contact lenses online at cheaper prices but you must be extremely careful in the selection of the right online store.
• Avoid wearing coloured lenses for a long duration of time. Coloured lenses block the oxygen flow in your eyes; it is not advisable to wear them for more than 7-8 hours straight.
• Never wear lenses when you sleep. Take them out immediately if you are planning to take a nap. Not doing so can cause inflammation in corneas. Even if you own the most expensive and best quality lenses, it is best to avoid wearing them while sleeping and putting your eyes at risk.
• It is always best to remove your coloured contact lenses when you go swimming or when you take a shower. This is because of two reasons. First, you can easily lose one or both of your lenses in the water and it will of course be impossible to find it then. Second, you get water in your eyes which can increase the chances of getting an infection due to bacteria entering your eyes.
• It is best to regularly clean your lenses properly. Store them soaked in a good quality lens solution. Avoid rubbing them as it can be damaging to the colour. It is best to buy a no-rub solution for your coloured contact lenses.
• Never let someone else wear your coloured lenses and don’t wear someone else’s. It may be convenient to share them with your family members and friends instead of buying them but it is a sure way of getting an eye infection.

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