Do you have either short-sightedness or Long-sightedness, and are looking to correct your eyesight by using some of the numerous eyesight-correcting surgery methods currently in the market now? LASIK surgery (An abbreviation for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is now getting more and more popular around the world, and this procedure, put simply, helps correct your vision by correcting the tissues in the eye to reshape the cornea, to allow light to reflect better into the eye, thus improving vision. And with these procedures now more and more popular, what are the perks for one to splash the cash to go for a LASIK Eye surgery?

One of the more attractive reasons why people are going for LASIK are that due to technological advances, these permanent operational procedures and equipment have become cheaper and cheaper over time, coming down from a price of around $3500 per eye back in 2000 to around $3500 for both eyes. Some surgeons even offer $2000 for both eyes to be done. Thus with dropping prices and better safety measures, more and more people are attracted to do LASIK in an attempt to fix their vision for the long term.

There is also the other “good” with the comfort level when it comes to going through LASIK eye surgery. LASIK nowadays are getting safer and with improving technologies and safer equipment less discomfort is felt when going through the operation, especially when the suction ring is placed over the eye. There are even technologies which now perform eyesight correction at the surface of the cornea without creating a cornea flap and thus preventing over complications, and this also helps to pull more people towards having a LASIK surgery done.

But even with such leading technologies available, there are a lot more “bad” and “ugly” to LASIK that the mainstream media does not disclose. One of these is that there is the risk of still requiring glasses to see clearly even after the operation, as when a person ages natural processes would still take place and one would still require glasses for near sighted work. There is also the possibility of completely losing your eyesight, although that remains as a minute possibility. Although it is very uncommon, some people who have undergone LASIK have undergone what is known as regression, when a person’s eyesight deteriorate slowly after LASIK which is found in patients with far-sightedness prior to the eye operation, thus requiring a second (expensive) operation.

And then there’s the “ugly” when it comes to LASIK surgery. At $3500 for a pair of eyes to be done is still an astronomical value for people who cannot afford or are not willing to pay for their vision to be corrected. This cost is not going to come down any time soon, and thus people are now “forced” to pay these crazy prices just to get their perfect eyesight back.

There is also the key “ugly” in LASIK, which is that there is no “complete” study done to certify that these kinds of surgery would not cause any sorts of complications when one grows older. Since LASIK have been around for barely twenty years, so, would you take this risk to go for an unproven operation, which could well take away your eyesight at old age? Would you want to pay for the risk of your eyesight being robbed from you when you grow old?

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