Definition of Blurred Vision.

When a person’s vision lacks sharpness and clarity, and the person cannot see or make out fine details then that is a sure indication of blurred vision.  When thing are hazy and indistinct and objects seem to be outlines and out of focus means that that the person is suffering from blurred vision. Blurred vision usually occurs when anyone who is used to wearing corrective lens is without them. Blurred vision may also be a significant indicator of eye disease.

Causes of Blurred Vision

There are many causes of blurred vision such as the continual use of atropine or other factors which block nerve impulse. Cataracts cloud a person’s lens and are usually the main cause of blurred vision, especially with the onset of age. Glaucoma is also a cause of blurred vision and usually occurs because of increased pressure in the eye. This can happen gradually or suddenly.  If a person is suffering from diabetic complications it leads to bleeding in the retina which usually causes blurred vision. Blurred vision is also caused by inflammation occurring in the optic nerve which can also be quite painful.

Symptoms of Blurred Vision:

The most common symptoms of blurred visions are a numbing sensation in the forearm, or tingling in the wrist and the numbness or tingling in the palm of the hand including marginal disease of the nervous system. There are basically 95 or more symptoms that are indicators of blurred vision, but the most common are pain or weakness of the hands. Blurred vision also occurs from defects present at birth and it can be also be caused by numerous conditions that are not linked directly with the eyes. Some medicines may also lead to the blurring of a person’s vision.

Treatment for Blurred Vision.

The first thing would be to determine whether the person is suffering from blurred vision in one or both eyes, and whether the vision blurs continuously or periodically. In case the blurred vision is being caused by diabetes then controlling the blood sugar levels can prevent blurred vision. If the blurring of vision is caused by using certain medicines such as antidepressant drugs or other medications then the medication should be discontinued after consulting with a doctor. Blurred vision can also be treated and cured by wearing correctional lens, or changing the lens that are already being used.

Probably the most important thing for the treatment and prevention of blurred vision is the persistent intakes of a healthy diet that is rich in Vitamin A. Patients who are hypersensitive usually suffer from blurred vision and maintaining and controlling high blood pressure is a very effective treatment to alleviate and usually completely cure blood pressure.  Certain home remedies such as spinach, milk, cabbage and carrots can provide relief for blurred vision.

Other remedies include using liquorices root mixed with beverages, or using powdered liquorices with honey, butter and milk. This is considered as the most effective and potent home remedy and if used twice daily will prevent the occurrence of blurred vision.

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