In this world of advancing technology, even though science has progressed, the general health condition of men has deteriorated. This includes ever increasing bad eye sight. More people , suffer from either farsightedness or nearsightedness. Because of this, many vision correcting methods have been developed. Even though eye surgery for vision correction has gained widespread popularity, most people just prefer getting eye glasses or contact lenses to help them see better. Whether contacts and glasses improve the vision or not, they do help a person see a lot better. Some research suggests that continuous use of such visionary aides does help in correcting vision.

So are you among the vast majority of people who have a bad eye sight? If so, are you confused about whether you should use glasses or contacts? Why get just one? You could have both and get a taste of both worlds! Here are some benefits of contacts and glasses:

Benefits of Contact Lenses

People who are conscious about their eye sight consider contacts a blessing sent from above. No more do they have to worry about being teased and called ‘four eyes’. There are many practical aspects of contacts. Not only do they provide a clear unhindered vision, they are also comfortable to wear. Unlike glasses, contacts can be worn anywhere, anytime. They don’t hinder sight in foggy or rainy weather, are excellent for athletes and other outdoor activity enthusiasts. They are also available in colors, so you can change your contacts and bring a change in your personality by becoming a different person.

But contacts are not suitable for everyone, nor are they prescribed to all who have weak eye sight. People who have dry eyes, allergies or are squeamish about putting something in their eyes are recommended to stay away from contact lenses.

Another problem with contacts is that they have to be properly maintained. If not cleaned, they could cause infections. Similarly if contacts are worn more than their lasting power or after they have been expired they could result in severe repercussions, even blindness.

If handled with care, contact lenses are the most comfortable and reliable way to improve vision.

Benefits of Glasses

The best part about wearing eye glasses is that they require minimum maintenance and can be worn as stylish accessories. Many famous designers like Vera Wang, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger have launched their own eye wear collection. Celebrity use of eye glasses has also made them popular among the masses.

Another benefit of glasses is that there is less chance of an eye infection or eye injury. They are best for young kids, who don’t know how to use lenses.

If lost or misplaced, glasses can cause a lot of difficulty for people who have very weak eyes. They are also a problem because they hinder sight because of the frame. Glasses do not provide peripheral vision like contacts.

Contacts and glasses have both their advantages and disadvantages. What you can do is get them both and use them according to whatever suits the occasion.

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