Eyes are the most important and sensitive part of your body, and are relied upon heavily, even more than other sensory organs. Still, we tend to neglect the same organ most often. If there is any redness or irritation in the eyes, we simply splash them with water or use some eye drops to make them better. However, being extremely sensitive, eyes need a little more extra care then simply splashing water or squeezing in some random eye drops.
Majority of the people are usually unaware about the importance of proper eye care necessary to keep our vision healthy and strong. Globally, three out of five individuals have low vision. There are several reasons for this, including heat exposure, genes, and more. Now though, the major cause of weak eyesight is attributed to technology. We spend countless of hours in front of screens; television, computers, smart phones, iPads, iPods and laptops. Other factors include unhealthy diet, dust exposure, lack of sleep and numerous other careless habits.
It is better to have regular checkups to ensure that our eyes remain healthy. Aside from this, there are several tips and remedies to improve and care for our eyes. Here are a few of them:

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is essential for a healthy body, which includes eyes. Zinc, Vitamins C and E, Lutein, and Omega 3 fatty acids can assist in fending vision related issues like cataracts and macular degeneration. Include the following food in your diet:
• Vegetables like collards, kale and spinach,
• Fish like tuna and salmon,
• Non-meat protein sources like beans, nuts and eggs,
• Fresh juices like orange and apple juice

Take a Break From the Screens

Every now and then, look away from the many screens all of us are subject to in this era. Perform some eye exercises like looking from left to right, up and down, rolling your eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise. Staring at the screen constantly has a significantly detrimental impact on your eyes. It is essential that you take a break every 30 minutes from screens, and even while reading a book.

Stop Smoking

Smoking increases the chances of getting macular degeneration, optic nerve damage and cataracts. It is best to quit smoking altogether as it will benefit your overall health as well.

Use Good Eyewear

It is essential that you use good quality eyewear. For example, when you go for swimming make sure your wear protective goggles to prevent chlorine exposure to eyes. If you are a carpenter, wear protective gear to prevent splinters from entering the eyes.

Use Sunglasses

Select the right sunglasses that can protect your eyes in a proper manner. Sunglasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Too much UV exposure leads to macular degeneration and other eye related problems. Select the sunglasses that can block 99% to 100% of UVB and UVA rays.

Try to follow these tips and you will surely start seeing improvement. Go to your eye specialist regularly and ensure that you follow all the recommended eye care tips. In no time, your low vision will improve and your eyes will become healthier and more beautiful.

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