Many people today prefer wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. Both have their own advantages and you can choose them according to what suits you best. Contacts are thin disks of clear plastic that are used to correct vision. They can be used by those suffering from near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia. It has been seen that wearers of contact lenses are two thirds women than men.

There are two types of lenses, soft and hard. Most people wear soft lenses because they are very comfortable, cheap and can be worn to correct many problems. Among soft lenses there are three types: daily-wear lenses, extended-wear lenses and disposable-wear lenses. Daily-wear lenses are those that are worn for a particular time period and are removed at night. Extended-wears are those that can be slept in. They are removed weekly for cleaning purposes. The disposable ones are more expensive lenses but they are the best ones. They are mostly recommended to those who have some type of eye allergy that might leave a deposit on the lens surface.

If you are among the majority that uses contact lenses then you should know that it’s very important to take care of your lenses, give them a regular proper cleaning and handle them with care. This is because if you don’t, they might develop some infection and become hazardous to the health of your eye. Some of the ways in which you can take care of your lenses are:

  • Anytime when you are about to insert the contacts in your eyes or pick them up for cleaning, be sure to wash your hands with a mild soap. This would remove the germs from your hands and your contacts would remain safe too. Don’t forget to dry them with a clean lint-free towel.
  • Never try cleaning your contacts with plain water. They are meant to be washed with a solution that is made particularly for them. When you buy contact lenses, the eye care professional would give you guidelines on how to clean them. He would also provide you with a sterile solution that you can use for cleaning them.
  • Put the lens in your palm, add a few drops of the solution on top of it, than rub it lightly with your forefinger. This would remove any buildup that might have gotten on the lens. Don’t ever put the lenses in your mouth to wet or clean them. Your saliva can harm the lens.
  • It is also advised to clean the lens case at least once every month. Change the case every three months.
  • Try not to apply any makeup before you put the lens in your eyes. This way, if you put in a lens with eye shadow on your lid, the particles might get stuck to the contact. This would cause irritation and make your eyes go red.

If you follow the above points, it would extend the life of your contact lenses and keep your eye protected from any type of infection.

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