Your eyes are perhaps the most sensitive and most important part of your body. Eye disorders are also the most common age related disease that people suffer from. Caring for your eyes is very important since they don’t show symptoms of disease until it has progressed to an advanced stage. Until then it is best to go for regular checkups to make sure that your vision is working at an optimum level.

Have Plenty of Fish

The first thing that you should do is incorporate Omega-3 and Lutein into your diet. Found in foods such as fish and spinach, these nutrients not only reduce the risk of cataracts and other age related eye disorders, they enhance current eyesight and even improve night vision.


Wearing protective eyewear is very important in order to make sure that no harmful objects enter your eyes. The need for goggles is enhanced when you go for a swim or are working on a project. This will make sure that you avoid any abrasions in the cornea as a result of flying debris during work. This will also prevent chlorine from entering your eyes while swimming.

Air Conditioning

For advanced vision make sure to direct the air vents in the car towards your feet and not directly at your face. Direct air onto your cornea can reduce the amount of moisture in your eyes leading to Dry-eye. The dryness may lead to further abrasions or cause redness.


Make sure that you wear sunglasses whenever you leave the house. The sun emits blue UV lights which can negatively affect your vision. Wearing sunglasses can reduce the amount of glare that you face and prevent any strains.

Lens Colors

When choosing eye colors make sure that you choose grayish or darker lenses instead of colored alternatives this is because the light that enters your eye may be distorted by the color of the lens. Color distortion can hinder your vision, especially when you’re driving.


Make sure that your eyes are clean at all times. Going to sleep with residual makeup around your eyes is inadvisable. The residue may enter the eye and cause abrasions. Some makeup products may contain chemicals that may cause allergies or have other harmful effects on vision.

Avoid Sharing Eye make-up or Towels

Make sure to use a fresh towel every time you wipe your face and that it is used exclusively by you. Sharing make-up or towels can lead to transmission of contagious eye disorders such as conjunctivitis and other diseases.

Exercise your Eyes

Eye muscles tend to get strained, especially when you spend prolonged hours staring at a display such as TV or a computer. This may result in eye disorders and may bring on age related eye disorders much earlier than usual. To maintain advanced vision it’s best to exercise your eyes regularly by doing palming, clockwork and focus exercises. This way you can enjoy healthy vision for a long time to come.

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