When buying contact lenses, you may be faced with a number of purchase options. Contact lenses can be bought either from your optician, a retailer or online. Buying contact lenses online has become such a common phenomenon that many are now exclusively purchasing from the internet. This is because of the competitive prices that you get for contact lenses online. These discounts are usually not available in the market and it makes sense to purchase cheaper alternatives.

The sheer number of online retailers selling contact lenses is sure to send anyone’s head spinning. Since there’s no telling which retailer is reliable, there are certain things that you should know when you decide to buy contact lenses online. Larger corporations that sell contacts such as Wal-Mart don’t usually offer the competitive prices that make online purchases appealing whereas the smaller retailers do not have the range or the quality even if they are giving hefty discounts.

Telephone Orders

One way of making sure that an online seller is legitimate is to check if they have provided a phone number where they can be contacted. If they let you place orders via telephone, it means that it is probably a working mail order company. Its best to avoid online retailers who do not provide numbers since it may just be an individual with a website.

Delivery & Shipping

Unreliable online retailers do not usually have a stock of items and obtain products only after they have received an order. If a retailer is able to tell you an immediate delivery and shipping date it means that they have a shipping policy and ample stock which they sell and update on a regular basis. Beware of any retailer that hesitates to provide you with an ETA.

Financial Information

When buying contact lenses online, you will most likely be required to provide your credit card information in order to complete the purchase. Make sure to do through research on any company that you are giving your information to. It’s best to find someone that has already done business with the company and asking for their opinion.

Customer Service

Every good company focuses on customer service. A reliable online retailer will always provide information that will enable its customers to contact them after they have made the purchase. Before placing an order, make sure to call the provided phone number. If you don’t receive an answer or are diverted to an answering machine, avoid the retailer and opt for a more reliable alternative.


Chances are that you will be making a large purchase such a year’s supply of lenses when buying contact lenses online, make sure that the company has a policy of accepting unopened boxes upon return. Also find out the procedure for dealing with goods that have been damaged in transit.

About Us

Make sure you go to the ‘About Us’ page of the website and read everything there is to know about the company.  If they’ve provided in-depth details about the origins, people and history of the online store, they are probably a reliable source. Avoid any website that gives out vague statements and touts their achievements.

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