Pink eye, or also known by the medical term conjunctivitis, is simply the infection of the conjunctiva which is the tissues and membrane between the whites of one’s eye and the inside of the eyelid. This membrane is normally clear, and when infected it will appear red and swollen, and this is the main cause why your eyes would appear “Pink” when infected. This is why conjunctivitis literally means the infection and the inflammation of the conjunctiva. Now that we know what exactly pink eye is, what are the ways from which we can contract pink eye?

Pink eyes are very commonly caused by the spread of germs, or more particularly, different types of bacteria or viruses. Common viruses such as that of the common flu virus is, more often than not, one of the main culprits when it comes to the spread of pink eye. People who catch these viruses thus leading to Pink eye would most probably have rubbed their eyes, when there are such bacteria present in their hands. Therefore it is also wise to only allow your hands to come into contact with the eyes only when the hands are completely sterilized to prevent pink eye.

Bacterial Pink eye are also very common, which is also spread the same way as that of Viral pink eye. Since bacteria can spread very easily in large communities, this makes pink eye contagious as well. In a lot of the cases bacterial pink eye spreads via skin contact, and thus when one rubs the eye the bacteria hitches a free ride to the eye thus causing pink eye. In a lot of the cases pink eye of this nature would recover on its own in a few days and would require no medical intervention.

There are also cases when Pink eye is caused by external elements, such as that of the drying of the eyes leading to inflammation of the conjunctiva. This dryness could come in a lot of forms, such as large windy areas or in hot and dry environments for an extended period of time, thus leading to conjunctivitis.

There are also cases of people confusing the term red eye with that of pink eye, as red eyes could take in a lot of other possibilities and causes, such as that of foreign object irritation, which is not a cause of pink eye, and these two should not be confused and both would require different degrees of diagnosis and treatments. Pink eye is also perceived as being the milder of the both, and refers to the inflammation of the conjunctivitis, while Red eye could be a result of a whole spectrum of causes, and is not limited to the inflammation of the conjunctiva.

The thing about pink eye is that in most cases, you would not have to do anything for the pink eye to go away on its own, but there are cases such as that of bacterial infections when antibiotics are used to reduce the period for recovery.

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