Hey, Kevin Richardson here.

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In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you a simple but powerful technique that's going to help you get natural clear vision.

You definitely want to turn up the volume if you’re interested in...

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Bottom line is, if you've got anything less than perfect 20/20 vision, then listen up.

This is easily the most important thing you'll ever see in your life, because you're about to discover a secret that's going to get you crystal clear vision through very simple and natural ways.

Heck, even my own personal doctor of 30 years found it hard to believe at first.

But I can assure you that what you're about to hear is very real.

Before I go on to tell you about this amazing discovery, let me share with you how I came about this secret.

When I was very young my parents thought I had a learning disability, because try as they might, they couldn't get me to learn the alphabet.

It wasn't until a routine medical checkup that the doctor diagnosed me as having severe myopia, which is basically a fancy word for short-sightedness.

Which of course explained why I couldn't learn... because I couldn't see!

By the age of 5 I was made to wear glasses, and I can't begin to tell you how much that affected me as a kid.

You know how it is; being called Four-Eyes was the least of my problems.

I remember going to the optometrist when I was 15 for a new pair of glasses, and for some reason I told him that I'd hoped to be rid of them soon.

I also remember the exact words he told me.

He said, "Son, you're probably going to have to wear these for the rest of your life."

I was devastated.

And that's not the worst of it.

Have you ever seen those classic Coca-Cola glass bottles?

You know the bottom of those bottles?

Those were how thick my prescription lenses were.

I am NOT kidding.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but in my years-long research into corrective eye procedures I would eventually discover that corrective lenses actually do more harm than good in the long run.

Try it for yourself.

If you wear glasses or contacts, do some close work for an hour or two, then check your unaided vision.

You'll find that you'll see only half of what you did before.

When you think about it, it makes sense that corrective lenses will eventually ruin one's vision.

The eye is just like any organ or muscle; it can be trained, it can be strengthened.

Using corrective lenses doesn't aid in strengthening the eye.
They're a crutch that the eye becomes dependent on over time.

They make the eye lethargic, complacent, because it no longer has to engage in the hard work of focusing on producing the clearest image for your brain.

Yeah, I know you're probably thinking:

Here's why:

Back in the day corrective eye surgery cost an arm and a leg.

Heck, it still does today!

And just like today's procedures, there was NO GUARANTEE that I wouldn't ever need my glasses again.

Then of course, there were the horror stories.

Every now and then there would be news of some botched eye surgery leaving some poor guy or woman with even more eye problems than they started with.

Problems like halos, eye infections... or worse, permanent blindness.

Heck, even with today's advanced technology you still hear about doctors screwing up and leaving people blind.

Take the comedian Kathy Griffin for instance:

As she told Time Magazine, "The guy who did my LASIK surgery wanted to do a 'tune-up', and now I've had five surgeries on my eye. I have partial blindness in one of my eyes, actually."

Actually, let's hear it from Ms Griffin herself.

And sad thing is, it can happen to anyone, not just celebrities.

You've heard about the malpractice suits and the dangers of corrective eye surgeries like LASIK.

But in case you haven't, here's Patrick Sheahan's story.

After being told in a consultation that he was a perfect candidate for LASIK surgery, he went for the procedure at the age of 23.

The doctors told him he could make do without glasses.

But after the surgery, he discovered that his left eye began to deteriorate.
He suffered from dizzy spells and migraine headaches on a daily basis.

When he went to his optometrist to get a pair of glasses, he was told that his left cornea had been severely damaged.

Sheahan consulted several corneal experts, who all agreed that he needed a corneal transplant.

The worst bit was he lost 2 years' income, and depleted his entire savings, including his 401K.

Now keep in mind that these two cases occurred in recent years, when the technology for eye surgery is already considered "advanced" compared to, say 20 years ago, when I could have gone for such a procedure.

So should I have taken the risk? Heck no.

Why should anyone take the risk?
Why should YOU?

Especially when there's an all natural solution out there that has worked for DECADES.

No longer am I chained to a life of wearing glasses. I now have perfect vision and I’m loving it!

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

I took my new discoveries and combined it with Dr. Bates' effective techniques to gaining perfect 20/20 vision, into one comprehensive program called...

In short, Natural Clear Vision is for anyone and everyone who is sick and tired of having to settle for less in life because they have poor eyesight.

Natural Clear Vision is a comprehensive eye care and vision restoration program consisting of several components.

Here's what you can expect in the Natural Clear Vision manual:

And that's not all.

On top of the comprehensive manual, this program also comes with the Natural 20/20 Instructional video that teaches you how to:

Think of the Natural 20/20 Instructional Video as a fitness training video for your eyes.

Just as you would train specific muscles of your body to achieve strength or endurance, so too would you need to train your eye to achieve the perfect focus and 20/20 vision.

Also included are Eye Charts that you can use to determine if you've got any preexisting eye conditions.

These are the same charts that professional optometrists use to diagnose eye conditions, so you won't have to take the long trip down to an eyecare specialist just to get yourself checked out.

Once you've identified the conditions, learn the most effective techniques and exercises that help you overcome these conditions quickly and in the most hassle-free way ever.

Here's just some of what's included in this Eye Charts pack:

Now don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to use them. I’ve included simple step-by-step instructions teaching you how you can easily use them.

Then there's also something that I personally like to call the Natural Clear Vision Booster Pack.

While the Natural Clear Vision manual and Eye Charts are enough to get you started on your journey to better vision, the Booster Pack enhances your experience by providing powerful affirmations and advanced techniques that you need to know in order to give your eyes that all natural boost they need for crystal clear 20/20 vision.

Once you put the Natural Clear Vision Booster Pack to work, you'll be amazed by how it dramatically reduces the time required for you to achieve the perfect 20/20 vision you've always dreamed of having.

I’m sure you're curious right now, and you're probably wondering:

The average cost of a corrective eye procedure as at 2012 is at least $2,000.

And that's assuming all you need is one single procedure.

I'll be frank with you:
Considering the fact that this program will literally save you thousands of dollars of medical costs, I can easily charge you half of that $2,000.

But I'm NOT going to make you pay $1,000 for Natural Clear Vision.

Heck, I'm not even going to charge you the $499 a third rate clinic would charge you for some slipshod LASIK procedure that'll most likely blind you permanently.

That's right, for just a one-time investment of $47, you're going to get everything you need to attain perfect 20/20 vision, the way nature had intended.

Just a one-time investment of $47 saves you thousands of dollars in consultation fees, new glasses, new contact lenses every single year.

But most importantly, imagine the freedom and confidence you get to enjoy without the burden of poor eyesight holding you back from doing anything that you love.

But wait, it gets better.

Because I don't want to take any chances with your quest for perfect 20/20 vision, I'm going to throw in...

Now at this point you might be thinking,
"That sounds great Kevin... but will all this really work as you say it will?"

Let's hear what people are saying about the Natural Clear Vision program.

These people have been able to use Natural Clear Vision to dramatically improve their eyesight and achieve perfect 20/20 vision.

But is this program really for you?

Listen, if you're not already completely blind, then there's hope yet.

If you can still see even the mildest and blurriest of shapes without any form of corrective aid, and if you want to salvage whatever vision you have left and even go beyond recovering your vision, then Natural Clear Vision is the perfect solution for you.

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll be happy with the Natural Clear Vision program that I’m going to do something never done before.

I'm going to take away all the risk involved in your investment.

I'm offering Natural Clear Vision with my full 60 days, unconditional, no questions asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That's right, try Natural Clear Vision for a full 60 days.

If at any point during those 60 days you feel as though Natural Clear Vision hasn't worked for you or you just don't like the program, simply contact me for a full refund of your investment.

No questions asked.

If you’re afraid of your vision getting worse over the years, if you’re tired of paying expensive fees on a lifetime of consultation, treatment and surgical fees, only to realize that your eye problems aren't going to get better...

Then don’t miss out on this amazing offer right now.

This is an extremely time-limited offer, because I will be raising the price of the Natural Clear Vision package to $97 soon.

But I’m doing this special offer because I want to share the Natural Clear Vision program with people who are serious about making an effort to correct their eyesight problems.

Especially someone like you; since you’ve listened to me this far.

I understand your frustrations of having to wear glasses.

Or having to pay sky high prices for your contact lenses, or having to risk taking up expensive eye surgery like Lasik.

You can take the risk of living out the rest of your life with continually degrading eyesight, always held back by blurred, unclear vision...

Or you can click the button below and reserve your spot in the Natural Clear Vision program, and regain that crystal clear vision as nature intended you to have.

It's a simple choice, isn't it?

Go on, click the button below. I’m looking forward to hearing your positive results with the Natural Clear Vision program.


To better vision,



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