Questions for Doctors

Doctors usually treat patients with common eye problems, only some of which are serious.  The complaints usually are about redness in the eyes, burning sensation, swollen eyes, pain, blurry vision and spots floating before the eyes. Some problems may need eye treatment while others are self healing. Usually, people need to know whether a certain problem or symptom requires specialized treatment or an appointment with an eye specialist.

Eye Treatments

Eyes become red for many reasons, and some of these ailments might need eye treatment. Eyes become red if they are infected with some sort of virus or have irritation, tenderness, swelling, sensitivity, damaged blood vessels or trauma. Children mostly develop pink eye, but grownups can also be infected. When the pinkness occurs because of conjunctivitis, the person will experience a burning sensation in the eyes, water or some other substance oozing from the eyes, excessive watering and/or a combination of all these symptoms. Some forms of pink eye are transmittable, while others are not.

Contagious and Non-Contagious

If you contract conjunctivitis because of some allergy, it is not transmittable. However, viral and bacterial types of pink eye are transmittable and need immediate eye treatment. The best thing would be to see your family doctor to find out what your ailment is and the reason that you contracted it. Until the diagnosis has been confirmed by your doctor, do not rub your eyes even though they might be itchy. Wash your hands as much as possible. Applying a cool wet cloth to your eyes will also help.

Eye Allergies

Most allergies occur in the spring and fall, both requiring eye treatment, or they happen when something gets in your eyes such as fumes or smoke. This causes your eyes to turn red, discharge water and swell up. The infection may also depend upon the time of year or flora and fauna in the area that you live-in or frequent. However, many people suffer from allergies throughout the year because of household dirt or dust particles from other places.

Broken Blood Vessels

Sometimes physical exertion such as lifting something or exerting too much pressure breaks the blood vessels in your eyes. This causes the sclera to become red from the leaking blood which is under the transparent conjunctiva. This ailment is known as sub-conjunctival hemorrhage. This is quite safe and there is no need to be worried although it does look alarming. It is recommended that you consult a doctor as soon as possible to be sure that there is no other reason for the red eye.

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