Imagine sitting in front of a light bulb and staring at it for eight hours. Seems a little extreme doesn’t it? When you consider that most of us are working sedentary jobs where we stare at a computer screen all day long which emits light for hours on end, it doesn’t seem that farfetched. Although the intensity of the light source is not the same as a light bulb, it can still have very negative effects on your vision. Since we can’t just leave our jobs to rest our eyes, there are some eye relaxation techniques that we can use in order to reduce the amount of pressure on our eyes.


Although this seems like a natural occurrence, most people are not blinking enough. We are prone to keeping our eyes open without blinking when we concentrate on something, which is the case when gazing at a computer screen or playing a video game. Blinking is a way of relaxing the eyes by providing them with moisture and preventing them from drying out. It is recommended to blink your eyes every second.


With your elbows on the desk, place both hands over your eyes. Make sure that your hands are cupped and there is no direct contact between the eyes and hands. The heat being generated from the palms should be able to relax your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and continue for 30 seconds. This relaxation technique is recommended multiple times a day.

 Roll your eyes

Although you may not be a stranger to rolling eyes, the motive behind this is not sass but relaxation. Close your eyes and imagine the face of a clock. Placing your eyes at the 12 o’clock and holding it there 2 seconds, continue rolling your eyes until you’ve followed all the hypothetical hours. Make sure to pause for 2 seconds every time you reach the 12 o’clock mark. This exercise should be done clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Keep objects at various distances and exercises your eyes by changing focus to rest on each of the objects in turn. Another way is to keep a pen in your hand and move it gradually further away from your eyes while keeping it in focus. A combination of this exercise entails focusing on the pen and then a distant object. This will allow your eyes to readjust to the surroundings instead of straining over a light source.

It is important to care for eyes since they don’t show any symptoms until the disease has reached an advanced level. Not only is it advisable to relax your eyes using these relaxation techniques, you must also distance yourself from the computer by taking a walk or simply closing your eyes. Another good way of making sure that your eyes are relaxed is to simply look away from the computer into the distance. If you face any discomfort in your eyes when straining to focus on your computer screen, go to a doctor immediately. Eye problems can be best treated if diagnosed early.

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