Studies show that like exercising the rest of body, exercising your eyes also improves vision. Eye exercises help in strengthening the muscles of eyes which in turn reduces strain and results in better vision. Another benefit of exercising your eyes is that the feelings of tiredness and irritation you experience during long working hours reduce and your eyes feel relaxed. Try the following exercise and see if the help improve your 2020 vision.

Blinking More Often

When you work, especially when your work involves sitting in front of a computer screen for long durations, then you go into a static mode and your eyes tend to forget to blink. Studies show that people blink 18 times per minute but use of technological devices like computer screens, smartphones, television and others reduce this by half. This causes dry eyes, irritation, soreness and redness. Blinking helps to keep eyes moist and decreases strain. Try opening and closing your eyes as softly as possible.

That is why it is important to keep blinking normally at all times. One solution for this is to make a note on post-its and stick it to your screen. This way you would be reminded to blink your eyes more often.


Palming is the most basic and effective eye relaxing technique. Even though it can be done anywhere at any time, best results are seen when you palm your eyes in total darkness. What you need to do is rub your palms together vigorously and then put them softly on your closed eyelids. Try and imagine complete darkness, while breathing deeply. Keep doing this for as long as you can.

You will instantly feel a change in your eyes. They will feel more relaxed and stress-free.


Massage is another beneficial exercise to not only soothe your eyes but also for the 2020 vision. Eye massage is best done with warm hands. Rub your index finger on your palm and then gently massage your closed eyelids. Rub the stress out of your eyebrows and forehead too. You can even massage your temples to relax your head. Massaging helps increase the blood flow and this reduces strain.

If you can, get one of your loved ones to massage some warm oil on your face. This helps increase blood circulation.

Making Figure Eights

This is a great exercise when you want to take a break from your computer screen. All you have to do is stare in front of yourself, visualize a sideways flipped figure eight and trace it with your eyes. This helps in making your eye muscles strong. Do this 10-15 times and you will feel your eyes relaxing. Moving your eyes in circles reduces eye strain.

Try practicing these exercises daily and you will notice a difference in your eyes. Remember that exercise alone cannot help you attain a 2020 vision, proper diet is also needed. Also get regular eye exams and follow your doctor’s advice if he recommends using glasses or contacts. Research has proved that many people have been able to improve their vision with the help of such visionary aids.

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