Symptoms of visual impairment

Visually impaired people are not blind in the literal sense, but they sometimes find it difficult to recognize friends or a neighbor and might walk right past them.  Although they might easily move past hurdles, they might find it difficult to locate familiar items such as umbrellas etc. They sometimes fake seeing things because then they would have to explain that they lack central vision and are not able to tell the difference or distinguish between any forms of clear detail and therefore need eye treatment.

Attitudes towards visually impaired people

Many people do not understand if told that a certain person is not blind but visually impaired and needs eye treatment. They usually have the feeling that the person has an attitude or is being standoffish when the person walks right past them without recognizing them. A person’s life and the life of his /her immediate family and friends can be changed when it is confirmed that the person is suffering from impaired vision.  By cooperating with care givers and family members, people suffering from impaired vision can live normal lives, have normal careers and not lose their self confidence.

Eye treatments for impaired vision

Although vitamins cannot completely heal people who are blind or visually impaired, there are some eye treatment that are quite useful to prevent or even slow down impairments such as muscular degeneration which is usually associated with the onset of age.  A good healthy diet supplemented with daily doses of vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A are also considered ideal for further eye degeneration. An intake of Zinc and Copper supplements prevent deficiencies and keeps the eyes healthier especially in older people. However before undergoing any changes in diet or taking supplements of vitamins, Zinc or Copper the person should consult his doctor who could prescribe requirements after certain tests.

Diseases that cause eye defects

Studies have provided evidence that Herpes, simples, varicella zoster and many other viruses are responsible for the development of eye deficiencies that need eye treatment.  Bacterial infections are another significant factor in developing Uveitis or inflammation of the middle layer of the eye. This particular ailment is responsible for virtually 10% of all eye diseases in the United States and worldwide. Usually people with Uveitis should treat it as a serious ailment and have a complete examination by an ophthalmologist or some other specialist, and should immediately start treatment.

Symptoms of Eye Diseases:

Positive indications that a person has contacted eye disease and needs eye treatment are when the person suffers red eyes, blurred vision, is sensitive to light, sees dark floating spots before his/her eyes or usually is suffering from headaches. Recent studies have shown that there are various conditions that are associated with eye diseases with major excessive ocular contribution.  There are many effective treatments and cures for various forms of eye diseases or visual impairments. However as the eye is the most sensitive organ in the human body, a person should resort to self treatment or treatments recommended by well meaning friends. The only and best thing to do if suffering from any form or eye disease or infection is to consult your doctor.

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