Developing eye disease can be a very nasty thing; it can make you feel vulnerable. Some diseases are so extreme, that they can cause blindness to either one or to both eyes. There are many conditions and diseases which eyes can develop; some are developed easily and faster than others.

Types of Diseases

There are over 50 diseases which an eye, or both eyes can catch. These can be divided in to 3 categories, normal infection, partial blindness, and blind.
Normal Infections
A normal infection can be caused from a few factors; these factors include dust, dry air, and allergies. Normal infections can heal if they are taken care of quickly. This requires the person who has the condition to take care of the eye by taking medicines on time, and refrain from touching it too much. Tampering can lead to serious infections and partial blindness. Cold water must be applied in case of irritation, and it is better to see a doctor.
Partial Blindness
Partial blindness can be caused by two main factors, first being a serious infection, and the second being tampering of the eye. When an infection has been detected and the infection is serious, this can cause damage to the nerves of the eye or eyes. Nerve damage can lead to partial blindness; infections can also cause damage to the retina and other sensitive parts of the eye. Tampering with an eye can also cause this problem, even tampering with an eye or both eyes that have an infection can lead to partial blindness or complete blindness as rubbing the eye damages nerves, and as previously mentioned, damaged nerves cause problems.
A person can go completely blind for the same reasons partial blindness manifests. The only difference is that instead of losing one eye, both are lost. This can happen when a serious infection is carried from one eye to another, causing the infection to spread. Some can be extremely dangerous. This can also be by birth, during the development stages or even genetically transferred.

Eye Disorders


Some may not develop infections but may still have eye disorders. This is also a common possibility; some disorders can be caused by birth. Eye disorders may be caused by serious infections which do immense damage to the eye. These can cause serious issues with vision and health, there is always a chance of being able to re-develop the infection which was the root of the disorder.


Most infections can be treated before damage has been done. Minor and major infections both have solutions, but unfortunately there are some which cannot be treated. For those which can be treated, the person facing the infection should consult an expert immediately as delaying can cause serious consequences.
Eye disease is no joke, one simple mistake can ruin so much life has to offer. This should not be taken lightly at all; minor and common infections must also be dealt with at the earliest with careful care.

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