Contacts or glasses have both their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately it depends on you what fits best and what you are most comfortable in. With the advent of contacts, glasses have taken a back seat. But there are still many people who prefer the comfort of being able to take on or off the visionary aide whenever they wish. Here are the pros and cons of glasses and contact lenses:

Pros and Cons of Glasses


  • Glasses are the first thing prescribed when a person develops poor vision. Most people aren’t used to putting their finger in their eye, so glasses are the best solution for vision correction.
  • They are great for kids as kids might hurt themselves when trying to place a lens in their eyes.
  • Eye glasses are easy to handle. You can put them on or off, whenever you want, without having to worry about clean hands.
  • Since there is a huge variety of styles and designs available, glasses can be used to make a fashion statement. Many celebrities wear designer glasses which have brought them back in fashion.
  • They are safer as there is no chance of them breaking when you fall.
  • There’s almost no maintenance for glasses. All you have to do is wipe them clear.


  • Glasses don’t provide adequate coverage because the peripheral vision is blocked by the frame.
  • Another issue is that glasses are of no use in foggy or rainy weather. If you have very poor eye sight, rain or fog can cause serious vision issues for you.
  • Glasses can create problems for you if you misplace or break them.
  • They can also be irritating because they are an added weight on the face.

Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses


  • Contact lenses provide the best vision, because they fit in the eye and you can have clear vision all day long. Both the front and peripheral vision is excellent.
  • The added weight and obstruction of the glasses is not there when you wear contacts.
  • There is no issue of having trouble seeing in rainy or foggy weather.
  • If you are an athlete or some outdoor activist, contacts help you greatly. You just have to pop them in and then take them out at night. You can even wear sunglasses without any problem.
  • If you are a fashion buff, you can get colored contacts and be a different person every other day by changing your eye color.


  • If you are squeamish about your eyes, then contact lenses aren’t for you. You will have a hard time putting them in your eyes.
  • Contact lenses require proper maintenance. They need to be cleaned everyday otherwise they might cause eye infection.
  • There is a particular period in which you can wear lenses. If you use them after they have expired they could result in blindness.

At the end of the day, you are the best judge of whether contacts or glasses are the best option for you. It is best if you ask your doctor what is better for your type of eye condition. You can try both and see which you prefer. Whether you go for contacts or glasses, both are advantageous if used properly.

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