Most of us suffer from common eye problems, which we never even notice due to their mild nature. However, these problems can sometimes be a sign of something bigger. Typical eye problems can be broken down into conditions that are visible within the eye, for example itching or redness. Most common eye disorders are detailed below:

1.  Red Eyes

Red eyes are the most common of the eyesight problems.  It can occur due to eye inflammation, eye allergy, trauma, broken blood vessels or eye infection. If anyone experiences red eyes, the first thing they need to do is avoid rubbing of the eyes at all costs.

If red eyes are caused due to a viral or bacterial infection, they are suffering from conjunctivitis or pink eye infection. This infection can be contagious as well and is mostly common in kids. However, allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious at all.

Red eyes can also be caused by allergies during the seasonal transitions. A very common reason for red eyes is broken blood vessels too, where the blood vessels may tear within the eye due to rubbing, lifting or without any reason at all. Though it sounds scary, red eye due to broken blood vessel is relatively harmless and not even considered an emergency.

2. Itching Eyes

Another one of the common eyesight problems; the major cause of itching eyes is allergy. The best way to treat the itching eyes is through lubrication. There are many eye drops available to ease the itching. If the itching worsens, then an anti-allergic solution including anti-histamines can aid you. Though itching eyes also is harmless, it is advised to visit a doctor just for precautionary measures.

3.  Puffy Eyes

Mostly occurs if some foreign object intrudes within the eye, or something hits the eye. Puffy Eyes are also a form of allergy. If the puffy eyes are due to allergy, they can be treated through eye drops. However, if the eyes are puffy due to a trauma, then it is advised to see the doctor immediately.

4.  Burning Eyes

Causes like dryness, allergy, vision stress, tiredness, or a combination of all can cause eye burning. Normally, burning eyes can also be treated with an over-the-counter eye drops to lubricate and sooth the area, but one is advised to visit a doctor if this eyesight problem persists.

5.  Blurry Vision

A blurry vision that occurs suddenly and refuses to go needs medical attention. If the vision becomes blurry and slightly dark, then it is definitely an emergency situation for it could be a symptom a retinal problem or even a stroke. Blurry vision commonly refers to a retinal problem. However slight occasional blur in the vision can indicate minor eye problem like dryness or tiredness.

6.  Floaters and Spots in the Eye

When proteins and other tissue material are embedded in the vitreous humor of the eye, we experience floating bits and strands of black in our vision. These floaters and spots increase in number as we continue to age, for more fluid fills up the vitreous humor and hence the floaters are more recognizable. However, if floaters and spots are accompanied with light flashes as well, then it is an emergency situation which might lead to detachment of the retina.

To conclude, most of the common eyesight problems are treatable and do not require emergency. However, if any of the conditions persist, then it is advised to visit an eye doctor as soon as possible to rule out all the possible roots of the problem.

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