The present condition of a person’s eyes indicates the probability of an impending problem. Whether the person eventually suffers blindness, or it is just a passing irritation of the eyes, it is preceded by many different symptoms. The declining functionality or the preceding pain, although unnerving and distressing is very helpful for the person and his/her doctor in diagnosing what the exact problem is with a person’s eye(s) and the best way of alleviating the problem.

Blurry, Distorted Vision

Continuing blurred or hazy eyesight are very common eye symptoms, and may occur for a number of different reasons. Usually these problems occur because of a simple inaccuracy, due to which the incoming light is concentrated on a fixed spot instead of being focused at the point that the person wants to look at that is at the back of the retina. Hazy vision is the result of an imbalanced or disproportionate twist by the turning or bending of one of the outer part of the usually, commonly the cornea. It hampers rays of light in a specific area from focusing on the retina and causes blurred vision.

Another major reason is that the cornea which is the see-through curved covering on the pupil and iris of the eye is not evenly shaped because of which the light that enters the eye, is not evenly shaped because of which the light that enters the eye is not focused at the same even intensity or deepness. The usual treatment for such eye symptoms is prescription glasses or contact lenses. The more critical reason for hazy vision is ‘macular degeneration’ which is basically considered as part of the aging process. However, if not treated properly and at the appropriate time, it can be the cause of permanent blindness.


Red eyes symptoms are usually caused by a number of conditions such allergies, and the use of eye drops is guaranteed to alleviate the condition. Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as “pink eye” usually heals without any medicines, but sometimes the use of some antibiotic or anti-fungal can provide better and quicker relief.


Myopia or the deficiency to see things that are far are usually the result of defect caused because the eyeballs are extra long from the back to the front. This condition usually is from birth, and this form of eye symptoms requires prescription eyewear like glasses or contact lenses. However, Lasik surgery is becoming a very popular form of lasting treatment for this form of eye condition.

Other Vision Problems and Symptoms

There are many other eyesight problems with different symptoms. Many people suffer from periodic eye pain, which is caused  because  eye scratches on the cornea to devastating and unbearable pressure, which could indicate that the person might be suffering from a precarious form of glaucoma. Another eye problem that people face is the darkening of the lid’s color or hyper-pigmentation which is caused by eczema.

If you feel that you might have probable eye problems, please make an appointment with a physician immediately before the damage becomes irreparable, and you end up losing one or both of your eyes.

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