Listless eyes that do not have any luster or are unfocussed are usually referred to as glassy eyes. The eye seems as if it’s glazed over and shiny. People may suffer from glassy eyes as a result of straining, infrequent blinking, and insufficient sleep or as a symptom of another disease. Glassy eyes however, are not always indicators of an underlying disease and may simply e a side effect of consuming copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. These symptoms may then disappear over time as the effects of the drugs or alcohol wear off.

Glassy Eyes and Graves Disease

Sufferers of the Graves disease may often exhibit symptoms of glassy eyes. This is an immunity disorder which speeds up the creation of thyroid hormones. Patients suffering from thyroid glands often cite the feeling of their eyes protruding causing them to be exposed to the air giving a glassy look.

Hypoglycemia and Glassy Eyes

Hypoglycemia is characterized by extremely low blood sugar levels in patients. Hypoglycemia usually triggers multiple eye disorders causing patients to exhibit symptoms such as blurred vision, red eyes, disturbance in vision. Other problems may include issues in cognition, seizure and loss of consciousness. Glassy eyes are cited as one of the results o Hypoglycemia

Other Diseases

Viral diseases such as pink eye or conjunctivitis may result in glassy eyes as a result of excessive tearing. Patients suffering from shingles or chickenpox may also exhibit symptoms of glassy eyes. Side effects of certain medications may also result in glassy eyes


Since glassy eyes are typically a side effect of drying eyes, they can be cared for by making sure that the eyes are provided with adequate moisture. Infrequent blinking may cause a decrease in the moisture levels of the eyes, especially after prolonged staring at screens such as the computer display or the television. A simple fix is to regulate your blinking which provides your eye with a layer of moisture and keeps it well hydrated. In extreme cases however eye drops may have to be administered. These may be regular saline drops which have no harmful effects. The motive of these drops is simply to flush out the impurities from the eyes, cleaning them and providing them with much needed moisture.

Although these drops are available over the counter, its best to consult a doctor before administering any medication to your eye which are one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Another method is drink lots of water. This will increase the overall moisture within the body, alleviating the symptoms of glassy eyes. Drinking water does not only prevent glassy eyes but also helps prevent other diseases.

Since glassy eyes may often be indicators of other diseases, it best to go for frequent checkups to check for diseases such as inflamed thyroid glands and hypoglycemia. Glassy eyes are usually harmless and disappear on their own. Checkups are recommended in cases where the patient has been suffering from glassy eyes for a prolonged period of time and has already tried moisturizing.

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